NAWIC Pikes Peak Chapter 356 Committees

A committee is defined as having more than one member, where meetings are held and decisions are made. Written reports of all monthly activities should be submitted to the Board of Directors prior to their monthly meeting. Standing committees are a requirement of the Bylaws.

Standing Committees:

Samantha Walter

Membership & Marketing:
Christina Townsend, Rebecca McNabb, Jessica O’Connell, & Samantha Walter

Professional Development & Education (PDE): 
Ginger Parry, CBT and Allison Jencson

Special Committees:

Block Kids:
Naomi Kidd & Ginger Parry, CBT

Karen Mitchell, CBT, CIS, CIT

NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF):
Ginger Parry, CBT

Rosie Run 5K:
Allison Jencson & Kristen Ibarra, CDT

Amy Christiansen & Angelique Kallio, CIT

Staci Calderon & Amy Christiansen

Scholarship (NFSF):
Michelle Humphrey

Strategic Planning:
Christina Townsend

Women in Construction (WIC) Week:
Grace Houston, Allison Jencson, & Samantha Walter

Chapter Functions:

Centerline Editor:
Staci Calderon

Kristen Ibarra, CDT

Karen Mitchell, CBT, CIS, CIT

Samantha Walter

Membership & Marketing Committee
NAWIC Pikes Peak Chapter 356